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WinCalendar for Windows, Word & Excel 3.19

WinCalendar for Windows, Word & Excel 3.19: Calendar Creator and Free Date Picker for Windows, Microsoft Word, & Excel. WinCalendar is a easy to use Date Picker for Windows & Calendar Creator for Microsoft Word & Excel. It supports holidays for 10 countries + religious holidays (Christian, Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim). It also supports importing of Google Calendar & Outlook Calendar Data. It can be used to convert Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar to Microsoft Word and Excel format for editing or printing. The WinCalendar desktop Calendar is now free!

BastaPix 1.0: BastaPix: Screen capture tools to speed-up design work.
BastaPix 1.0

picker, a desktop ruler and a clipboard viewer. The program is advanced enough to cover the needs of professional designers and simple enough to accommodate casual users. Use the magnifier to scrutinize portions of the desktop, the gauge to measure design elements and maps, the screen copier to capture areas of the desktop and copy them to the clipboard or save them to files, the color picker to copy the color of any pixel on the desktop and paste

reglo, clipboard, cursor, ruler, desktop, graphic design, colors, copy, capture, zoomin, prtscr, screen capture, magnify

SI ColorPicker 1.0: Pick pixel colors as HTML, HEX or RGB values by simply dragging en eyedropper
SI ColorPicker 1.0

Picker to sit silently in the system tray near the clock when it is closed or minimized, ready to be accessed with a single click. If you need SI ColorPicker to appear on top of other windows, there’s that option, too! Should you need to run it fast, there`s a Windows shortcut to launch it quick: press Win+R and type "sicolor", followed by ENTER. SI ColorPicker is small, light and free. No software or Web developer or designer should live without

eyedropper, color target, rgb color, web design, desktop color, hex color, html color, color picker

Advanced Desktop Locker Pro 1.8.4: password protect your desktop and prevent people from accessing your desktop.
Advanced Desktop Locker Pro 1.8.4

Desktop Locker allows you to create virtual desktop to prevent people from accessing your desktop icons and your private files, you can select from many virtual desktop and you can download more from our website for free. Advanced Desktop Locker prevent access to Task Manager, (CTRL+ALt+Del), (Alt+F4),.... When your Pc being locked to prevent people from closing the locker. You can lock your desktop by many virtual desktop types, you can use transparent

desktop lock, desktop locker, security, desktop protection, access control, privacy, lock desktop

Fk Desktop 3.017: With FK Desktop you can create as many desktops as you wish.
Fk Desktop 3.017

Desktop for your business applications, another one for your private applications, or games, or multimedia, or a desktop with shortcuts to applications or archives of a special project, etc., etc. Clicking on the icon of FK Desktop, located in the taskbar, you switch from the Windows desktop to your desktops created with FK Desktop. FK Desktop is used like the Windows desktop: with a double click on the icons you start the applications or archives

icon, virtual desktop, tools, desktop, shortcut

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Pixel Pick 1.0

Pixel Pick is a free color picker tool that gets the pixels color under your mouse curson on the desktop and translates it into a number of different color formats such as RGB, CMYK, HSB, HEX or Web Color format. A free color picker for grabbing color under your mouse . With zoom magnifier and recent picked colors window, small and easy to use.

color picker tool, free color picker, cmyk, html color, destop color picker

GetColor! - Color Picker 1.01: GetColor! allows you to retrieve the color of any pixel on your desktop easily.
GetColor! - Color Picker 1.01

GetColor! allows you to retrieve the color of any pixel on your desktop easily: just move the eyedropper tool into any place of your desktop and GetColor! will show you the color value! This handy color-picker tool helps you to know the exact value of any color on your desktop. The color value is diplayed in 4 main forms: RGB, HEX, HTML and WinAPI constant (COLOR_*), and you are able to copy one or all of them to clipboard.

color, system color, pixel color, hex color, get color, html color, color picker

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